perjantai 6. toukokuuta 2011

Save the world with us!

May we introduce:Virve, Sara, Jasmiina, Emmiina, Iida, Ella, Essi, Moona and Jenna from class 5

torstai 5. toukokuuta 2011

How do we save electricity?

By swiching off the lights we don't need.

By cutting down the use of computer, television and radio.

The time spent with electrical equipment such as ones mentioned above, could be used in a healthier way. The best way for saving energy is spend time outside - so out you go and play with your friends!

Small steps

The chart below shows how one day can make a difference. On Friday the consumption of electricity is notably lower than on normal school day. The project has taught us the importance of small steps - turning off unnecessary lights and switching off electrical devices when not in use. And what's most important, our pupils will take these actions in their everyday lives outside school.


Our electricity-free day gained publicity in local newspaper Ilkka on February 26th.

keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Electricity-free day

We had an electricity-free day at school last month. The purpose was to find out how dependent we are upon electricity in our everyday lives. We had no lights on, used no electrical equipment of any kind and even had our school lunch served from a field kitchen. At that time it was still dark in the mornings, so studying in candlelight or with flashlights was an experience itself. Having lunch outside is also something we don't do every day - at least not in February's chill. This is what Tatu, Matti, Tuukka, Juho and Jani wrote about that day:
Fifth class did RE test in candlelight.

Juhani Prusti from a local energy company told us about saving electricity.

Third class did project work.

We ate pea soup, which was made in field kitchen, it tasted good.

Fourth class played outside.

Sixth class art lesson.

First class reading Kalevala.

This is our school

This is the energy team of our school. We have recently started our 50/50 project and would like to tell you something about our school first.

We have seven classes from grades one to six in our school. Our pupils are 7-12 years old. We have a bit over a hundred students. It's good because everybody knows each other. Our school is 90 years old. We are going to have a big renovation starting next summer. At school we don't have school uniforms and we have a free school lunch every day.

Written by Venla, Roosa, Karoliina, Sofia, Ida and Minna from class 6.

maanantai 31. toukokuuta 2010

Joupin koululle myönnetty VIHREÄ LIPPU!
Maanantaina koulun kevätjuhlassa julkistettiin lipun saaminen. Oppilaat ja raatilaiset olivat yllättyneitä kun tieto lipun saamisesta tuli.
Syksyllä koulun alkaessa on ilo laittaa lippu salkoon. Työ jatkuu energian säästökampanjalla.
Nyt viimeisen kahden viikon aikana on suoritettu lämpötilamittauksia 15 eri kohteesta koulullamme. Hellejaksolla lämpötila luokissa oli sietämätön eli noin 28 - 29 celsiusta.
Nyt on jo palattu normaaleihin lukemiin eli noin 22 astetta.